Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

We know that staff are having to work in extremely challenging circumstances. Staff wellbeing is our priority across the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, and people can and should expect support for their mental health and wellbeing from their line manager and their organisation.


If you work in a health and care environment, and are experiencing feelings that are difficult to cope with, our mental health workers are here to support you now and find the extra help that is right for you.


The service is completely confidential, wherever you work, and offers advice and support that can help with a range of issues.


West Yorkshire Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

Mental health and wellbeing workshops and webinars

Free online on-demand wellness webinars

This is a brand-new service offer that was launched in December. A series of on-demand Wellness Webinars are freely available to watch via the Turning Point Talking Therapies website.


Through this series of free online modules, therapists share valuable methods, techniques and evidence-based strategies of how to better Manage Low Mood, Improve Your Sleep and Manage Worry. No GP referral is needed and there are no waiting lists for this offer – just simply Register.


This is an ideal, simple, confidential place to start, for anybody who is seeking support for their mental health.


Turning Point Talking Therapies: Free emotional wellbeing workshops


Delivered by qualified therapists, these informal workshop sessions have been designed to provide you with useful techniques and coping strategist mental health and wellbeing. Available to anyone aged 16+ registered with a GP practice in Wakefield District.


See the upcoming workshops.


Cost of Living Support

The price of essential goods is increasing faster than household incomes and many of us are seeing a sharp rise in our living costs.


Help is available for people in Wakefield District, with a range of services that can offer crucial information, advice and support.


Many of them are listed on this website and this list will be added to on an ongoing basis.


Help With Finances – Money Helper

The Money Helper website provides free guidance you can trust on how to manage your money. It provides support and advice on the following issues:

  • Benefits
  • Everyday money
  • Family & care
  • Homes
  • Money troubles
  • Pensions and retirement
  • Savings
  • Work

Team wellbeing experiences

NOVA and their partners have brought together a fantastic service offer and it is live and open for booking through their website.


Take the opportunity to blow off your team’s cobwebs, boost your energy and learn a few new and unique skills while also supporting local charities and community organisations.


Please note: there is a standard price of £350 for each wellbeing experience.

Conflicts in Israel, Gaza and Ukraine

We fully appreciate that recent conflicts have heightened concerns with colleagues and communities. Our role is to continue to deliver quality care to all, without bias and judgment, with compassion and empathy, respecting the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of those we serve and colleagues we work alongside.


We will always treat everyone with dignity and respect, in-line with the values of our sector, whilst recognising that this is a challenging time for many of you. If you require support or would like someone to talk to please do access the Partnership’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub. The support from the Hub is available to everyone across West Yorkshire working in health and care services, including voluntary, community, social enterprise sector colleagues.


The war in Ukraine and the Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas is deeply upsetting and traumatic. As well as its global effects we also know it has a direct and indirect impact on colleagues in our organisation, some of whom may have family and friends living in the affected areas and who will be extremely concerned about their safety. Some may have loved ones who have lost their lives in the conflicts or are missing. It continues to be a worrying time and significant cause for concern for all.


As the conflicts deepen, messages to staff have set out the organisation’s position, signposting to support available. This has also highlighted the importance of supporting each other through these worrying times.

It is important to treat people fairly, recognising that our strength is in our diversity and the impact of kindness towards our colleagues. The widely reported loss of life can trigger stress and anxiety for many of us.


What can I do if I need someone to talk to?

Please do be open and seek support. We also encourage colleagues to mutually support one another. You may also feel able to talk to your line manager. This is particularly relevant at times of local, national, and global crisis.


I am a manager, what can I do in my role to help?

As a manager or team leader, regardless of your position on the conflicts, the expectation is that you create a safe environment for colleagues to feel supported and heard. You may have colleagues with family members or friends who have been impacted. Please actively engage with your team, ensuring they are supported as needed. Acknowledge the need to be heard if colleagues are feeling overwhelmed and be aware that emotions may be running high around the conflicts.


My family, and particularly my children are affected by the conflicts. They are struggling to cope. Night times are difficult. Can you help me?

Yes. War and conflict can also affect our families and those whom we are close to. There are services in West Yorkshire for children and young people that can be accessed by those affected by the conflicts. For support, please visit Night OWLS.

Support if you’re feeling down

Touchstone runs a service called “Here For You” out of hours, offering face-to-face support for any of us feeling down or struggling to cope with our thoughts. They support the growing number of people who are seeking support for thoughts of depression, loneliness, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide on an evening.


The service is available 7 nights a week, 365 days a year across Leeds, Kirklees, and Wakefield.  It provides free, confidential, and safe, same night support. They open from 6pm until midnight.


If you, or somebody you know is struggling, they don’t have to do it alone.


Call your local team from 6pm:

  • Kirklees: 07741900395
  • Leeds: 07760173476
  • Wakefield: 07776962815


Or you can visit:


Follow on social media: @HereForYouTS

Wakefield Recovery and Wellbeing College

Welcome to the Wakefield Recovery and Wellbeing College; our growing, co-produced recovery college, covering the whole of the Wakefield District.


We are open to all adults (anyone over the age of 18, with no upper age limit) who would like to improve their own mental and/or physical wellbeing or that of someone they care for. You can also come along if you work in a caring profession and want to develop your skills. We offer a range of courses and one-off workshops (both face to face and online) which all aim to improve wellbeing through learning.


Some of our popular courses include:

  • Understanding depression
  • Living with and managing anxiety
  • Creative fitness
  • Understanding post-traumatic stress reactions
  • An introduction to mindfulness
  • New beginnings
  • Creative crafting

Visit our website if you want to find out more.

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