We have been developing a network with colleagues in our partnership with a passion to improve experience of care. The network is not only a forum for making sure that the voice of our communities influences the work of the partnership and creates positive change, but as a forum to bring colleagues and peers together across the partnership to share and learn.

The purpose of the Experience of Care network is to:

  • improve the experience of care and outcomes for the people of Wakefield
  • utilise experience of care feedback to ensure citizen voice influences strategic priorities for the place-based partnership
  • provide expertise and advice on experience of care to the place-based partnership
  • collaborate and share information, insight, intelligence for the benefit of all partners
  • build on the staff expertise, skills and resources across our partnership
  • share multi-agency learning across partners using an appreciative approaches
  • create a facilitative space for colleagues and be at the forefront of innovation

Our objectives are to:

  • bring together colleagues from across the diverse partnership to provide leadership and peer support
  • ensure experience of care feedback is used to identify quality improvement and engagement opportunities and create positive change
  • align priorities for experience of car, explore new ways of gathering feedback and share learning between partners
  • create a strong and cohesive team – greater than the sum of its parts
  • develop a consistent approach to experience of care across broader pathways of care
  • encompassing wider determinants of health, trial new approaches to improve experience of care

Experience of Care infographic.

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