The Wakefield District Health and Care Partnership is a committee of the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB). The ICB Scheme of Reservation and Delegation gives authority to the Committee to make decisions that affect local people.

The decisions that will be made locally through the Committee include:

  • governance arrangements for place
  • agree a plan that reflects the Partnership integrated care strategy and the Wakefield District Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  • allocate resources to deliver the plan
  • joint working arrangements with partners across Wakefield District
  • operating structure to deliver the Wakefield District Health and Care Partnership priorities and plan
  • provision of health services in line with the allocated resources
  • support providers to lead major service transformation programmes
  • development of primary care networks (PCNs)
  • work with local authority and voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector partners to put in place personalised care for people
  • implementation of workforce priorities for the Wakefield District
  • data and digital
  • joint work on estates, procurement, supply chain and commercial strategies
  • local systems to implement ICB risk management arrangements
  • arrangements within the Wakefield District for complying with the NHS Provider Selection Regime

(The latest committee meeting which was held online on 2 November 2023 can be viewed below, or via this link)

Committee members

The Wakefield District Health and Care Partnership Committee is made up of voting and non-voting members in attendance who meet regularly. They come from across Wakefield District, including public health, general practice, acute and mental health trusts and the voluntary sector.

There is also an independent chair and two independent members who bring constructive, independent, and respectful challenge to the plans, aims and priorities of the Partnership, and promote open and transparent decision-making aimed to deliver exceptional outcomes for our local population.


The Wakefield District Health and Care Partnership Committee members

Attend a meeting

The Wakefield District Health and Care Partnership Committee meets in public every other month. This means anyone can attend and listen to the discussion.


Our Committee meetings are business meetings which, for transparency, we hold in public. They are not ‘public meetings’ for consulting with the public – we do this in a variety of different ways. Find out more about how we engage with people.



Ask a question

We welcome questions from members of the public about items on the agenda. Questions will be read out at the start of the meeting by the Chair and answered by a member of the Committee.


To be considered during the meeting, questions must be submitted 48 hours before the start of the meeting. Every effort will be made to include as many public questions as possible.


Please send your question by email to  or if you prefer, you can call us with your question on 01924 213050. Alternatively, you can post your question to us at:


White Rose House
1 West Parade


Please include your contact details so that we can provide you with a response.

Meeting dates

The next Committee meeting in public will be held on Thursday 2 November

Forthcoming meetings: 
Thursday 2 November

Tuesday 9 January
Thursday 7 March

Green Leaf