January 10, 2023

Have your say on how health services are delivered across West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership Joint forward plan. #Your views
Have your say on how health services are delivered across West Yorkshire.

In 2020 before the first COVID-19 lockdown, West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership (WY HCP) published a five-year plan, ‘Better health and wellbeing for everyone’.

As a result of the passing of the Health and Care Act 2022, there is a requirement for each integrated care partnership (which we call our ‘Partnership Board’) to produce a five-year integrated care strategy to set the strategic direction for health and care services across the whole integrated care system (also known as West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership) including how NHS services, local councils, voluntary community social enterprise organisations, hospices and Healthwatch can deliver more joined-up, preventative, and person-centred care for people and communities.

Due to this requirement, we have been refreshing our 2020 five-year strategy to ensure that it reflects the needs of the 2.4 million people living within the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership area. This will be published in spring 2023. An early draft of this is available on our website.

The delivery of the NHS elements of our Integrated Care Strategy will be accountable to the NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB), via its Joint Forward Plan. The five-year strategy has been produced in partnership with colleagues working across West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership. You can read about what this has involved on our website.

We would now like to consult on how we deliver our Integrated Care Strategy through the Joint Forward Plan as part of working with people and communities and as set out in our involvement framework. Everyone’s views are important to us and you can complete a short survey online: https://bit.ly/wyviews where the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Strategy can also be viewed.

The closing date for the survey is Monday 20 February 2023. The Joint Forward Plan is expected to be published by the 30 June 2023.

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