August 18, 2023

Opportunity to be part of the West Yorkshire Coaching Network

Man leading a group discussion and writing.

An opportunity to be part of the West Yorkshire Coaching Network, open to anyone working or volunteering in Health and Social care.

Whether you are a qualified coach or a coachee looking for someone to guide you on your journey, we are encouraging both to register on the West Yorkshire Coaching Network.

The online coaching platform supports coachees and coaches across Wakefield District, and neighbouring areas in West Yorkshire, to register and find each other; to aid and support cross-organisational coaching and provide a more efficient and effective way of managing coaching relationships. Our coaches are committed, qualified and able to provide colleagues in our health and care organisations with a professional coaching service to:

  • support inclusion
  • develop our leaders
  • encourage career development
  • aid retention across Wakefield organisations

Register on the West Yorkshire Coaching Network

We will develop an Organisational Development culture of shared learning and best practice to support shared decision making, alongside a programme to develop future system leaders. (Pillar 2 Objective, System Leadership, Wakefield People Plan)

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