April 5, 2023

The NHS launches Spring COVID jab campaign for West Yorkshire’s most vulnerable people

Spring COVID-19 vaccinations. People aged 75 or above, or who have a weakened immune system, can book now.
Spring COVID-19 vaccinations

NHS is kicking off the next phase of its COVID vaccination programme this week with a spring campaign to protect the most vulnerable.

Just over a quarter of a million people in West Yorkshire will be eligible for a spring COVID jab, which is being offered to those aged 75 and over, people aged 5 and over who have a weakened immune system and older adult care home residents.

People living in care homes are being prioritised, with NHS teams starting to visit homes across the region this week. Over 75s and people with weakened immune systems will be able to get their vaccination at selected local pharmacies and GP services from 17 April, with bookings opening today online or via the NHS App.

Dr James Thomas, GP and Medical Director for the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, said:

“While we are learning to live with COVID, the virus still presents a serious threat for many and is continuing to cause severe illness and hospitalisation for thousands of people every week.

“Protection from the vaccines – or having had COVID – decreases over time, particularly in older people or those with weakened immune systems. So if you are over 75 or you have a weakened immune system, please book your COVID vaccine this spring so you can enjoy summer with peace of mind.

“It’s quick and easy and will make sure you are as protected as possible for the months ahead.”

This latest vaccination is being offered following advice from the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation.

Anyone who believes they should be eligible for a vaccine but does not get invited can check online. Alternatively, they can self-declare via the National Booking Service and then speak to a clinician on site.

Spring vaccinations will be available until the end of June and anyone aged 5 and over who still needs a first or second dose can also get them during this time. After 30 June, first and second vaccinations will only be available for those at increased risk and during seasonal campaigns.

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