October 10, 2023

The Third Sector Framework welcomes its 100th member!

Third Sector Framework 100 Member

Wakefield District’s Third Sector Framework has just welcomed its 100th member, an achievement it is keen to share and celebrate.

The Third Sector Framework is an innovative partnership approach to distributing funding in the shape of contracts, grants and other financial means to the VCSE sector in Wakefield District. The Framework was launched in January 2021 and has been designed in partnership between Nova Wakefield, Wakefield Council, Wakefield District Health and Care Partnership and Young Lives Consortium.

The Third Sector Framework operates on the principle that funding should be distributed in an open, fair and transparent way, and this guides all the work they do. Organisations apply for the Framework (free of charge) and, once their membership is approved, they are eligible to apply for any funding that is distributed in this way. Since its launch in 2021, a total of 10 funds has been distributed through the Framework, and the next opportunity is about to be launched. The Framework focuses on health and wellbeing services and activities, and a huge range of project work and provision has been supported through this mechanism. Examples include open access youth sessions across Wakefield District, science-backed menopause support sessions for local women, specialist support for pregnant asylum seekers and refugees, and community solutions helping people to access mental health support as early as possible.

It’s an exciting and busy time for the Third Sector Framework, as longer-term funding has been secured, and we plan to use this increased commitment to the Framework as an opportunity to develop it further. To facilitate and inform this, work is taking place on a strategic review of the Framework, which will give a clear direction for the coming years.

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