This page contains information and resources relating to person centred care training and delivery. For care to be truly high quality it must always be person centred.

The Pull Up A Chair package provides training for both care home and domiciliary care staff on delivering person centred care, using videos produced with input from Wakefield citizens.

Person centred care training for the health and social care sector

This training tool has been developed from film footage captured as part the Wakefield Care Home Vanguard. It features local people talking about their experiences of living in residential care settings.

The training tool encourages reflection and discussion for those involved in the delivery of care of tenants and residents. They map across the key life domains found in Age UK Wakefield District’s quality of life tool the LEAF-7. These domains form the basis for the films in the training tool and are as follows: Managing Daily Living; Managing Health; Social Contact; Enjoyment; Safety and Security and Independence.

This training tool will teach your staff:

  • to develop a greater understanding of person centred care in the workplace
  • to develop the skill of empathy and how to make an empathetic response
  • how to apply person centred values to work practices
  • self care: understanding how thinking about working practices (reflexive practice), getting support from work colleagues (peer support) can help staff feel better about their work.

Pull Up A Chair training tool – development for the health and social care sector
The training tool maps across to a number of key standards in the Care Certificate (Skills for Care) and the CQC person centred care fundamental standards, ensuring its relevance to workforce development for the sector. It has been developed using the latest evidence from health psychology to embed person-centred skills and increase staff resilience.

Access the training tool and resources on the Leaf Foundation website (opens external link)

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